Gloria Campaner plays Scriabin’s Étude in C sharp minor Op 2 No 1 in a film by Luca Scarzella
Gloria Campaigner celebrates the particular genius of Scriabin in two films. To mark the centenary of the death of the composer in1915, Gloria has collaborated with renowned video designer Luca Scarzella in two films exploring the light and shade of Scriabin’s piano works.
Musica Universalis Young Artists
In addition to general management services for the more established artist, Musica Universalis aims to bridge the gap between self-management and full management for exceptionally gifted young artists and ensembles on the ‘way up’...
Gloria Campaner's new website
Gloria Campaner has launched her fantastic new website with design and photography by the marvellous Balázs Borocz of Pilvax Studio, who also designed the Musica Universalis site...
Musica Universalis offers a collaborative and holistic approach to classical artists' management with a firm emphasis on high artistic ideals, career diversity in line with the artist's aspirations, career guidance and mentorship. The boutique approach is supported by strategy and PR, and underlined by understanding an ever-evolving profession and market. I aim to develop careers with flexibility and vision that will support my artists well into the 21st century.

Musica Universalis is also a creative consultancy, developing special projects for its artists and other partners, which are compatible with imaginative artistry, innovation and diversity. Current partners include Northern Chords and composer Charlotte Bray.

Musica Universalis is a full member of IAMA (International Artist Managers' Association)

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